I was born and raised in Minsk, Belarus. My father is a well-known artist Mikola Bushchyk ,master of  color planted passion for art into me. Observing my father working in the studio I started to learn the basics of drawing skills, this led me into Art school,  College of Art and Academy of Art where all those years I was mastering the classical school of painting and discovering the laws and principals of traditional  fine art where you learn how to create an illusion of the depth  of the space of a 3-D WORLD on absolutely flat surface of the canvas with the help of laws of perspective.

Having gained this practical experience I started to question myself : ” What about other worlds, abstract spaces where pure energy exists at the quantum level and have no time, space or traditional height, width and depth, but still exists as a vast continuum of fluctuating charge?  Are there any other worlds, dimensions and spaces that I am as an artist can express? ”

This is how I start my  quest in  abstract field. I was able to discover that ABSTRACT spaces also have depth. Abstract spaces are not the ones we perceive with our eyes, but the ones where vibrations,masses of energy,  while interacting with each other create the world without depth, height and time, but where SPACE  still exist. This is a vibratory space,not a 3 dimensional space, it breaks the boundaries of traditional perspective. Expressing those vibrations is my main goal as an artist. Finding the way to make those spaces vibrate and create the illusion of other world  remains my task.

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