Original art in interior

Hanging pictures on the walls of a home is one of the most stimulating ways of making decoration personal and meaningfull.Most people have pictures on the walls, but often their effectiveness is diminished because of  lack of knowledge about how to display them.Remeber that there are different categories of art works that exist.It’s crutial to understand what category your art work belongs to.Is it picture,poster,print,or original master medium painting? All these types of art look differently in interior.They provide focal points in each room,and add character and style to a home.But we have to be very carefull in choosing the  painting for contemporary interior. Usually the interior  has so many focal points such as unique finishes ,natural stones,glass,stainless steels appliances,light fixtures so having a very colourful,unique artwork might look busy and overpowering.You allways have to take into consideration your own elements of the interior(color scheme,finishes,color of accessories,furniture) and find the painting that  blends into interior organically.So while you are shopping for the painting in the gallery,or online use this tip as the rule,unless you are a collector that buys the painting for your private collection.In this case interior details do not matter.

But most of us are buying with the purpose of decoration.The folowing qualities of the painting that will blend into the MOST of interiors naturally will be:more or less neutral color scheme,average size and decorative attributes of the painting.

Budget is also playing a huge role.No one wants to spend fortune on the art work.There are multiple choices available nowadays on the market.From posters and Ikea “oil on canvas” reproductions to a very high-end paintings from galleries.The danger of reproductions is in its cheap look.Your interior will suffer from it.Buying from the gallery might not be an option for many of us since it is overpriced.Buyng from the artist studio will solve originality and price issues.

Here is the collection that features modern dimensional glass paintings.Unique technology makes them look airy,light,spacious and has the quality to blend in into any interior.This type of  paintings will complement contemporary interior because glass and glossy surfaces are very popular nowadays.

Acrylic on clear acrylic. http://www.sergebushchyk.com/scgi-bin/public/gallery.pl?category=3

 Contemporary interior.Acrylic on clear acrylic.

Bedroom. "Omen from above" Acrylic on clear acrylic 24x30  http://www.sergebushchyk.com/scgi-bin/public/gallery.pl?category=3

Bedroom. “Omen from above” Acrylic on clear acrylic 24×30

Classique interior with the fireplace.” Native soil” Acrylic on clear acrylic 24×24

Modern kitchen/hallway.  "Clear thinking" Acrylic on clear acrylic 24x24  https://sergebushchykart.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/4.jpg

Modern kitchen/hallway.
“Clear thinking” Acrylic on clear acrylic 24×24

To see more dimensional works on glass check http://www.sergebushchyk.com clear acrylic category in gallery section, or click here:


Looking forward to hear from you!!

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