We all see the world differently.

World is an endless mosaic of details.

What you personally choose to notice create your own unique vision of the world.

By simply changing your priorities  you will see the world differently.


World consist of large color spots.When we look straight  we only see clearly is what in front of us, the rest is always looks blurry.  By concentrating your attention on side vision you will notice that all this blurry mass in reality has a unique color shapes.   You have to understand that theses color spots are not some abstract spots instead this is all of the objects you see  including  light , shadows,space between the objects; everything is parts of color mosaic of the world.

IMG_1323Per example  you are in a room , you look at the room furniture, you may  notice just those furniture objects  itself OR  you can choose to notice the shape of cast shadows from chairs or the shape between the objects and make these elements  your point of attention rather than furniture itself.Now you can discover new  way of vision just by slightly shifting your attention to other details.What is the most interesting is if you take famous examples of fine art such as Rembrandt, Goya and many more artists you will see that all of their  artworks were created with the principal of building the composition considering the interplay of color spots.


REMBRANDT "Artist in his studio"

REMBRANDT “Artist in his studio”


REMBRANDT. "Philosopher in meditation"

REMBRANDT. “Philosopher in meditation”



Now you know about the COLOR SPOTS, formed in shapes,  and you need to learn to distinguish the exact color of those spots! Experiment in this yourself by giving the unique names to colors. Because colors around us are very complex it is hard to give them simple name red, green or yellow, but what kind of yellow or green? Is it lemon yellow or sunflower yellow? Is it  mint green or is it emerald-green? Is it cherry red or is it tomato red?

As you can see all these colors have its own unique color!!! It can be so confusing but don t be discouraged. All you need to do is to give the color its unique POETIC DESCRIPTION.

Blue mountains.

Blue mountains.

To remember colors in this picture you would name them like this:

– Beautiful stripe of cool blue mountain surrounded by   black forest green on

one side and white cream color   on the other transitioning to cold blue ice.

Creating a strong association with colors will help you to build your own color library, so next time you look at this world you will see much more diversity around you and maybe notice something new!  By practicing this skill  on daily basis you will reach the moment where you can change the world around you because you will see it IN DIFFERENT LIGHT!  

"BLUE MOON" Oil on canvas 24x30 Serge Bushchyk

Oil on canvas 24×30
Serge Bushchyk

•Neutral monotone color scheme creates serious and sophisticated ambiance in the space.Lavender, ashy grey, taupe paired well with a little bit of rich burgundy, teal green and buttercream yellow.

Oil on canvas 30×48
Serge Bushchyk



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