Have you ever asked yourself   WHAT IS COLOR?                                  Color is OPTICAL ILLUSION!

Every minute of our life we are surrounded by the color. We know that this chair is yellow, wooden, the wall is white, but we probably never even realize that it happens because of incredible properties of Nature and our perception of it!


Everybody knows the theory of RAINBOW COLORS:  Light is made up of  cluster of electromagnetic waves. Each of these waves has a different wavelength and speed of vibration: together they form the electromagnetic spectrum.

prism image

So, can you believe that light reflecting from far away Sun travel to the earth, touch the objects  and color them. The exact color we see comes from special chemical structure of this object. Depending on this structure some  of the waves are reflected and some are absorbed.  If the reflected wave is in the visible spectrum for us, which is 7 rainbow colors range from red to violet, we see it as a certain color. And  we have a privilege to  witness this  unique color diversity our whole life.

flower violetPicture an early spring flower.  How incredible it is: all the  wavelengths have been absorbed  by this flower except the shortest one, the violet. And now we have a pleasure to enjoy the incredible display of violet color.How special it is.

BUT, there is  much more than the eye can see: the rainbow colors form just ONE octave of colors in the spectrum. There are 60 or 70 octaves in total!

Can you imagine if we could see not only one octave but beyond the visible spectrum!? How grotesque and weird this world could look? Have you ever pictured that?

flower example ultraviolet By the way bees don’t see our visible spectrum , they perceive ONLY ultraviolet waves,  the flower created the way where the center of it with nectar absorbs all the waves except ultraviolet, so  bees in the flower field will only see  ultraviolet spots  where she needs to go.

Scientists have discovered many invisible waves; ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma waves, infrared, radio waves…  Some of the waves have even healing properties that are used in modern medicine, And  there are  still many more that we can not measure.

What is interesting  is that  you can train your vision and see more varieties  of this light phenomenon. Many artists-colorists: Clod Monet, Mark Chagall, Paul Sesanne,  Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi,Vasili Arkhipov could perceive this  world clearly much brighter than many of us and through their paintings they were able to show the world they saw and felt.

Arkhip-Kuinji-Cloud Arhipov women

impression-sunrise monet         1b good day 30 x 36 oil on canvas



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