revelation 36x48

I would like to start sharing my ideas, views and experience on the subject of art and its philosophy. I feel that without talking about the concept behind any creation there would be  no sence in creating something at all.

Being an artist is being a philosopher. You do need to have your own vision, your philosophy. Creating a strong and solid concept could be a lifetime task. It is a wonderful journey full of surprises and downfalls but very brave after all. Mine began with color exploration that led me to the space of unknown, ABSTRACT SPACE

I would like to examine color theory as well as scope and potential of color in our daily life, decoration.I want to touch upon theme of color families-white, blue, green, yellow, red…-understanding its nature and philosophy and giving examples and suggestions of color combinations and contrasts.

My goal is to introduce  inspiring color attributes and hopefully help in understanding it more.

sunset scene        “The richness I achieve comes from nature, source of my inspiration”   Claude Monet.

Color begins with nature. All our color memories, responses, associations have everything in common with nature. The colors of our childhood places, flowers, trees are impressions that stay with us forever. Green is calming and restful because it reminds us of landscapes, fresh green growth and fields. Yellow is warming, luminous, positive like the sun. Blue is soothing, color of the ocean and the sky. Red is exciting, stimulating, it is a natural accent that nature marks its creations.

green pattern leave close up        The ability of color to transform our life, to excite us, uplift and inspire is unlimited.  Our responses to it lie deep on subconscious level. Color speaks directly. It can influence us powerfully by associations, through common uses in culture, or  through personal experience.

   Since civilization began, color has been one of the primary ways of expression of our visions and creativity.   Same as scents and  sounds colors remind us of something else, something from the past, written in our DNA.

turquise water  Color journey starts with observation.  You have to learn to distinguish the exact color that you see and try to remember it, thus creating your own color library. This is the skill that anyone can master. Once you start appreciating and noticing the color in its richness you will naturally move to exploring color combinations. amazing mixtures where color create visual vibrations, where each color light up the other.

flower brown yellow close up  To bring color into your life you need to learn how color works not only in theory but try it. Compare it in nature and in science so you could start using it in your surroundings.

In the following messages we will touch upon science of color and its history.


Serge Bushchyk   .

Sacred Light Studio                          

spring 30x48 oil on canv” Spring time” Oil on canvas 36×48

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