Since I was a child I’ve been looking at this world admiring its beauty. My father Mikalai Bushchyk, a well known artist in Belarus taught me how to see the world as an artist. Deep red sunsets with golden clouds, silver of the moon, the blueness of the night, soft ashy raining days… All of this have been subject for my paintings for many years to come

             For sixteen years I had been learning the beauty of the nature mastering classical school of fine art in Minsk, Belarus.I have been graduated from College of Art in 1996 and only after having gained that experience I was able to see the abstract core of things and started my quest in abstract.
I think the biggest challenge for the artist is not just to see the beauty, but to get to know it and find the way to express.

             Many artist such as Pablo Picasso, Mark Chagall, Kazimir Malevich had been moving in this direction to reflect depth of our world more clearly. Realistic world is so beautiful but being able to see and translate inner beauty into abstract paintings is my main task as a fine artist.


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